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Wordsworth Editions was established in 1987, but it was the launch of the £1 Classic paperback, the brainchild of the late Michael Trayler, in 1992 that created a sensation in the book trade and the national press. How could we produce such high quality books for a fraction of the price charged by leading publishers for the same titles? In the following years, many publishers, both large and small, have tried to copy our formula, but with little success.

Over twenty years later, our Adult and Children’s Classics are still retailing for only £1.99. Our range of nearly 500 titles includes World Literature, Poetry, Reference and Mystery & Supernatural titles, together with large format Special Editions and high-quality deluxe hardbacks in our Library Collection series, all offering unbeatable quality and value for money.

Introductions and Notes are included in the vast majority of the titles in our Adult Classics and World Literature series; written by leading academics, they make our books invaluable for students on a tight budget and are fascinating for the general reader.

We are constantly looking at ways to improve our books, whether it be through additional content or a better quality finish, but without any increase in prices - proof indeed that Wordsworth truly believes in offering true value over profits.