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Monetary Policy. Unconventional Approaches 978-606-588-724-4
Monetary Policy. Unconventional Approaches

Monetary Policy. Unconventional Approaches

Titlu apărut în colecția Profit la Curtea Veche Publishing

de Lucian Croitoru

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Descriere produs

Descoperă cartea Monetary Policy. Unconventional Approaches de Lucian Croitoru apărută la editura Curtea Veche Publishing

This book emerged from the author’s preoccupation with certain aspects of monetary policy that were seldom a topic of discussion prior to the crisis outbreak in July 2007. The paper includes a succession of individual studies about: (1) inflation and the liquidity trap; (2) the Eurozone and its difficulties; (3) the speculative attack on the leu and the central bank’s reputation; (4) the unemployment rate and monetary policy.
Most of these aspects are approached out of the practical need to change some points of view — considered faultless until recently — and refer both to the Romanian economy, and to the global economy.
Looking back to the crisis that changed the human society, we will find in these pages some answers to the questions regarding the conduct of monetary policy.


Detalii produs

Autor: Lucian Croitoru

Prefaţator: Mugur Isărescu

Data apariției: octombrie 2014

ISBN: 978-606-588-724-4

Copertă: Hardcover

Număr pagini: 168

Dimensiuni: 15,5x24,3 cm

Editura: Curtea Veche Publishing

Pagini: 168

Limba: Engleză

Hârtie: 120g/m

Toate categoriile:
Carte non-ficțiune >> Afaceri și economie
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Speciale >> Nonfiction
Speciale >> Back to Office
Speciale >> Totul redus
Speciale >> Book Alert
Cuvinte cheie:
economics, profit, politics, inflation, euro, leu, unemployment

Opinii editoriale

„Lucian Croitoru conducts in-depth syntheses depicting Romania’s path across time, during these hectic years marked by successive sweeping changes. At the same time, the author makes point-by-point analyses as well, which reveal a sophisticated economics thinker. A remarkable paper on monetary policy […] therefore every respected analyst should take it into consideration.”

Mugur Isărescu
Lucian Croitoru

Lucian Croitoru s-a născut în 1957, la Otopeni. A absolvit în...

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