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Autor \ Timothy E. Gregory

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Timothy E. Gregory

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AdaugăPreview O istorie a Bizanţului O istorie a Bizanţului Timothy E. Gregory
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Timothy E. Gregory (n. 1951), istoric specializat in studiul Imperiului Bizantin si arheologie clasica, este profesor la departamentul de istorie al Ohio State University. Dintre volumele publicate: Vox Populi (1979), Panathenaia: Studies in Athenian Life and Thought in the Classical Age (1979), The Soteriology of Clement of Rome within the Intellectual Matrix (1988), The Early Byzantine Empresses and the Orthodox Church (1990), The Sanctuary at Epidauros and Cult‑based Networking in the Greek World of the Fourth Century B.C. (1992), Hellenic Religion and Christianization, c. 370‑529 (2001), The Lives of Peter the Iberian, Theodosius of Jerusalem (2008).