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Autor \ Edward A. Kolodziej

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Edward A. Kolodziej

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AdaugăPreview Securitatea şi relaţiile internaţionale Securitatea şi relaţiile internaţionale Edward A. Kolodziej
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Edward A. Kolodziej este director al Center for Global Studies din cadrul University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. A scris sau a coordonat numeroase lucrari in domeniul securitatii si relatiilor internationale, dintre care mentionam: The Uncommon Defense and Congress: 1945-1963 (Ohio State University Press, 1966); French International Policy under De Gaulle and Pompidou: The Politics of Grandeur (Cornell University Press, 1974); Making and Marketing Arms: The French Experience and Its Implications for the International System (Princeton University Press, 1987); Limits of the Soviet Power in the Developing World (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1989); Security and Arms Control: A Guide to National Policymaking (coord., Greenwood Publishing Group, 1989); The Cold War as Cooperation: Superpower Cooperation in Regional Conflict Management (coautor, Macmillan, 1991); Coping with Conflict after the Cold War (co-editor, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996); A Force Profonde: The Power, Politics, and Promise of Human Rights (coord., University of Pennsylvania Press, 2003).